About the author

Ben Rolphe resides in North Idaho. As a retired Christian entrepreneur, he has started, owned and operated sixteen diversified and profitable companies. He has taught and lectured on marketing and advertising to businessmen and entrepreneur-hopefuls throughout the nation.

As an Air Force Pilot, he survived twenty-five combat missions during the Korean War. He and his family have flown in their family plane throughout North America, including the primitive areas of the Northwest and Alaska.

His hobbies include gardening, cooking, world travel, antique automobiles and fly fishing. As an avid fly fisherman, he has traveled the globe, visiting six of the seven continents, fishing many of the worlds most famous and challenging lakes, rivers and streams.

As a former rancher, he became an excellent horseman and experienced trail rider. While a gentleman farmer/rancher, he experienced the challenges of farming, along with the risks of ranging cattle.

His writing, both autobiographical and fictional, reflect many of the locations and experiences of his life.